Choosing the Best Gaming PC

Best Gaming PC

There are very few good manufacturers of gaming computers, although in the line of any brand there are several premium models with more or less suitable characteristics. Of course, you can assemble the device yourself, but this takes time, effort, and knowledge of the pc gaming reddit.

The principle of operation and the structure of the computer

Everyone is familiar with the main components of a computer: this is the system unit, plus the means of input and output of information, that is, a mouse with a keyboard and a monitor. But in gaming machines, everything is decided by the filling of the system unit.
The performance of the entire unit depends on its characteristics, therefore it is simply necessary to know the “anatomy” of this block:
• The central processor is the “brain” of the computer, which controls all of its work. The capabilities and speed of the machine are completely determined by the selected CPU.
• Hard disk – a magnetic or electronic device that stores all your games and basic information necessary for your computer to work.
• Random-access memory (RAM) is a storage location for temporary data, which the processor accesses “here and now”, without wasting time on the buildup of the main drive.
• Video card – a graphics chip that converts electrical signals into a visual image on the screen.
• Power supply – a device that delivers the “correct” electrical current to all components of the computer.
• Cooling system – fans blowing around electrical circuits, which will inevitably heat up during operation.
• Motherboard – connects all the listed components, turning them into a single system.
All these elements are packed in the case of the system unit and, in fact, can already be called a computer. Other components are only an addition to the main machine and services for the convenience and deeper immersion of the user in the game world. These include speakers or headphones, a microphone for voice chat, a steering wheel, and pedals (favorite attributes of cyber racers).

Video card

Despite the seemingly rich choice in the electronics market, currently, only NVidia video cards deserve attention. AMD loses here too, but only slightly. But for the price, they are still more affordable.
In a gaming machine, a video card requires at least 4 GB of memory for the computer to be able to display a picture in Quad HD (2560×1440) format. You do not need to know about all the other characteristics – it will be enough to look at the penultimate figure in the marking to understand its level.
For example, NVidia GeForce in the budget segment may have the designation 950. Here the number 5 indicates that this is a weak card that will only play games of the year before last and even those with low graphics settings. But the number 6 or 7 is already a sign of the middle and premium segment.